How to submit a ticket

Ticket System for WebIZ

Above is the link for the Hesk Ticketing system. Any problems you may encounter on the Web IZ and/or any questions that may pop up can be addressed by submitting a ticket. This includes any duplicate records you might encounter while on the site.  Always remember we cannot delete a person from WebIZ, we can only combine records. When asking for 2 shot records to be combined, please include the Patient ID# of the record to keep first, and then the Patient ID# of the record to be combined second. Also make sure to give as much patient information as possible in case there is conflicting data on the two records. Example: 2 different birthdays, 2 different addresses, different spelling of names, etc… 

Make sure you give a detailed description of the issue so that we can resolve the problem promptly. Please remember to associate a valid email account to your ticket so that we can let you know we have processed your request. You will receive an email from when your ticket is closed out.

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